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*** New to me Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme ***


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I Just picked up a 1995 Olds Cutlass with 124k miles. Only option seems to be leather. Are these reliable cars. Hoping I did not pay too much I owned a 1990 Turbo Grand Prix and it was nothing but trouble. It has a keyfob but the batteries were dead. I need to program it again I guess does anyone have directions they could give me?

thx Chris 20130916_175748_zpsa0d481fb.jpg 20130916_175825_zps68271932.jpg

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It Runs and drive great. Still feels pretty strong. Few problems like Drivers door hand is broken and leather is worn/torn in the same spot on both sides. AC does not work and check engine light it is. Reminds me a lot of my TGP which also had a broken door handle at one time. Thanks for the replies

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Good looking car, the door handles are easy to replace, but in my opinion if you replace them is to go dorman. I bought the cheaper option and the color has faded terribly in a year it's not even close to the passenger side which is original.


Get the codes read and let us know, it looks like a pain to work on under the hood, but its fairly simple. Lower intake gaskets will leak and the oil drive will puke oil, other than that these motors are great.


My 96 came with the up model radio and dual climate control, still wish it has a sun roof. And you can find hundreds of AC compressors at the junk yard.


Hit your AC button and if it lights up and your clutch or your fan doesn't kick in. Slide some R134 in there that might fix it right up once it gets pressure.





guy who's had to beat his head against something's to figure out :).

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