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Poly Control Arm Bushings on 1st gen W-body


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so, there is the official writeup in the FAQ section, but it's locked, so i'll bump the original thread for this:


so, we're now 6(nearing 7) years into this being public, is there anybody regretting it? suggested changes?

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I did my '94 Vert in February, the sharp bumps such as road repair seams are a little jarring at times. This is with Goodyear runflat tires made in '96 (fronts were made in '04), old and hard. It got worse with the 300lb springs. I need to go to a vacant parking lot yet and see if the understeer is gone. I used the lower kit and all went well.



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I went looking for this thread as I gather the remainder of my new suspension.

A lot of the links died with the dinosaurs, even the links to old threads here.

There was discussion about the kits from Summit Racing on page 5 but nobody really confirmed them as usable.


If they're confirmed or if they're still unconfirmed I'll order them and report, but if it's known they will not work I'd just assumed put that $40 into my "Booze & Broads" fund instead of wasting it.





Black: (for those who want to do a killer upgrade and have it look stock for some reason)


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going off of what I've gathered, those look like the correct bushings. I always remember something about the g-body control arm bushings working with the w-body control arms(or at least, kind of working since there is the slight change from imperial to metric hardware).


I want to say those were the "second findings", since before everyone was ordering a fuller kit that included unnecessary bushings?

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I pressed my bushings out of an A-Arm and did the poly swap with https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ens-3-3171rbushings mentioned above.


When I do the other I'll hit the thread below so everything front First Gen Control arm is in one place and I'll take pictures and host them here so they don't disappear like photobucket.


Burning the old bushings is cake, I held it with vice grips and heated the inside ferrel with my MAPP torch and just pushed it right out with a drift pin.


Then I heated the outside steel all the way around and just took a screwdriver and pried the rubber bushing right out of it too.


Installing the poly was straight forward and was easily accomplished with a block of wood, a hammer, and one of the steel parts from the poly kit. The excess bushing cut with a razor knife and I dressed the cut end a touch on my wire wheel.




Anyways I'm going to go ahead and confirm that the above part numbers do indeed work.

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