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  1. Should be a good, reliable vehicle, and you should get decent gas mileage as well. As long as you aren't too hard on the throttle. As mentioned above, just normal regular maintenance and it should be trouble free. Brakes are cheap and easy to replace, so that would be the last thing I would worry about. I would also suggest checking out the rear suspension- trailing arm mounts mostly but the rear rockers and around the wheel well like to rust.
  2. IMO, I could give two shits about the Lumina. More pics/info on the 911.
  3. Not having dinner in Toledo? If not, I'll just meet up with you guys tomorrow morning. I'll follow you guys to the show.
  4. I'm good for dinner tonight. Alex, Just give me a call later on today. Also, I plan on following you guys up there tomorrow too.
  5. I'll make sure rachel doesnt have any plans for me tomorrow night. If not I will meet for dinner.
  6. Pretty good chance that I will be going early Saturday morning with some family. Maybe I'll see you guys there.
  7. Stuff from late 90's accords bolt right on.
  8. I can't wait to see this thing come to fruition.
  9. slick

    Performance Chips

    About as useful as these to your car. Jet is garbage. Get with someone here on the forum that actually makes them for our vehicles.
  10. slick

    Stick throttle

    Carbon build up has caused mine to stick in the past. Before you decide to drive it, you should take it apart and do a thorough inspection.
  11. I'd say toss some bolt on spacers on the rear, and they would be perfect.
  12. So what if the colors aren't the same. They perform the same function. Swap it and be done with it.
  13. What I've done to aid in removing these is spray and soak with pb blaster a day a head of time. Get it up on jacks and turn the wheel, so that you can fit your wrench and a long cheater bar (I use a 5 foot piece of 1" schedule 40 piping). Leverage (and the more of it) is VERY advantageous. And turning the wheel gives you all the room in the world.
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