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What do YOU listen to in your car???

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I listen to just about everything, but with traffic like it is here on Long Island, I need stuff to keep me calm, and from losing my temper, and driving like a maniac myself, so MOSTLY, I listen to stuff that keeps me very calm and relaxed. I listen to a hell of a lot of Enya. I don't think that it gets any calmer than her. That is why I have a 6-disk CD changer with 5 of her CD's in it.

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As for the person that started this post(me!):







Lenny Kravitz


A ton of Classic Rock and older The Who, Beach Boys, ZZ Top, etc...I EVEN kinda like the Commitments's good Soul/R&B music, the way it should be...

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Guest TurboSedan

i listen to mostly punk and indie rock. lately i've been listening to alot of Wilco, American Analog Set, Modest Mouse, Stereolab, and Less than Jake. this week i bought a Ben Folds Live CD/DVD, and a double CD Pavement set, along with a double DVD Pavement set. i was going to try to go to a Beck/Flaming Lips show in Denver last week but it sold out before i bought tickets :( oh well i went junkyarding instead and struck gold there :) rock out --->


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Not saying whether I agree with it or not, but there's a LOT of Linkin Park hatred online...especially via forums/message boards...


Such as:


"You know, there are few days when you wake up and think, "It's good to be alive." The first time I ever heard Linkin Park, I thought to myself, "I'm

glad to be alive today so I can hear the shittiest band of all time." And

that is really something, when you think about it. Of all the bands that

have ever been and will ever be, Linkin Park is the shittiest one. Kudos to



"There are rappers that can freestyle better then Linkin Park's written



"Linkin Park is crap. I have heard the whole album unfortunetly... it seriously blows."


This is just 3 of the hundred of hate posts regarding them...I don't really understand why??

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There is only one radio staion I can listen to when I forget to bring my cd's to my car and it's a classic rock station. Because I cant stand all the corperate mtv crap like lincoln park and corn thats on "modern rock" stations 24/7. I am one of those people that likes all rock music but anything else like rap and country I cant stand.

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Bruce Springsteen, The Only Boss I listen To!!!


300+ bootlegs and counting, call me crazy but since "The Rising" was released july 30, 02 the disc has not been removed from my deck..


My favorite driving tune is a Springsteen tune from the Nebraska album called Open All Night, it's all about cars n' chicks, well mostly cars.


The boss writes tons of great car tunes..


Other than The Boss, I like metal and lots of it.

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GPRACER head the nail on the head!


The Boss is awsome, and he loves cars just as much as we do!!


I've been listening to The Rising since it came out as well. It's just so perfect! Songs like Lonesome Day, The Rising, Waiting On A Sunny Day etc. are up-lifting, just pure rock and roll...

One song, You're Missing, would have to be considered one of the saddest songs of all-time...


I listen to all his old stuff as well...just great

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I listen to almost anything except country and the new pop-metal.

Heavy play right now includes....

Smashing Pumpkins



fatboy slim/general electronica


and if any of you want to hear the rockin-ist song EVER download Wesley Willis' Rock and Roll McDonalds. :)

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I love listening to music in my car I guess thats why I put so much money in my stereo system.


I listen too:

The Starting Line


Motion City Soundtrack

Modest Mouse




Horse the Band


Poison the Well

River City High



RX Bandits

Saves The Day

Taking Back Sunday

The Devil is Electric

The Get Up Kids




And thats just a few...I have an extensive cd collection thanks to the internet a cable modem and a burner I also have nearly 1200 Mp3's. =)

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