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LQ1 Parts!


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Poor thing, many good body parts on her. Thats my favorite color on the Cutlass too.

That strut tower bar and 3.4L DOHC V-6 engine cover for sure needs to be snagged, I dont need it but I`d hang on to it for someone else or another Wbody. Same for the tail lights if in good shape. The Timing belt covers and actuator would be some good parts to grab off that as well, especially if the miles are low and the actuator was replaced. Theres an interior light under the "basket handle" that could be useful to someone on here or ebay as well. The front and possibly rear sway bars(If equipped) would be an upgrade to a base model 1st gen.

If the keyhole light ring and 3"-5" of its wiring is intact on the drivers door I`d be interested in that personally.

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Its the interior over head light mounted under the support brace running across the frame, they used to call them basket handles. IIRC there were never many replacement made and for those looking to keep their convertible original it might be useful. Also the seals around the windshield, windows and doors are damn near impossible to find, if that weather stripping looks intact strip it and I`ll buy it from you plus shipping. 

I`m looking to get a complete set to donate to Steele Rubber Products to reproduce them if they could be talked into it. Maybe we make `em an offer they cant refuse.

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