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1998 Daytona Pace Car replica


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I bought #704 brand new and had given it to a friend who didn't maintain cars very well and 2 years ago he reached out to me to say he and his wife were moving to Colorado and asked if I wanted the car back. Getting it on the road again was the easiest part but now I'm performing another full restoration.  It is a never ending battle. But my Grand Prix still eats mustangs and has beaten a few Hellcats so far. with 286k on her she'll still embarrass others who dare to underestimate the 500HP GXP engine that accidently got installed at the factory. Only three of the Pace Car replicas had this accident and I didn't find out until the car was returned to me.  The clues were all around me because I would do an upgrade at the same time as a fellow Grand Prix owner and always got more horsepower.  I my search of how to remove some things i came across this site and hope to find how to do some things like removing the dash panel.  My original service manual sucks regarding that.

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