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Robbie - 1992 Regal Limited 3800TPI


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Hey everyone, I'm 31 and I've had all sorts of GMs in the last 17 years, notably an '81 Cutlass Supreme Brougham with a 260 v8, an '84 Cutlass Supreme with the 3.8l, two Cutlass Cieras (1989 2.8l, 1993 3.4l), an '86 Fiero 2M6 2.8l-ho, a '98 Cavalier 2.2, two Chevy Ventures, among other things.

But one of my first cars was actually a '93 Regal Custom 3.1l. Bought it from the mechanic down the road when I was 16. It was his courtesy car. He rebuilt the engine before resale, body had something like 180,000km. Paid 500 or so for it, sold it for 300 after a year and a half...

Because! :
My girlfriend, at the time (2009), had her grandparents out near Toronto
. And they offered me a 1992 Regal, but with 230,000km on the odo. So I drove down there with whatever cash I could scrape together. What I found was an absolutely rust-free, regularly serviced, flawless specimen of a car. It had factory 6-speaker with a tape deck, steering wheel radio controls, chrome package with power antenna & "luggage rack"+"spoiler"
. Mostly original & dealer-serviced. They had purchased it in Brampton, ON, and mainly used it for driving down to Florida each winter.

I was in shock, man. Not a speck of rust anywhere, not a dent. It was so immaculate, that I merely touched the key for start, and it caught immediately on like a 1/4 revolution.

Grandpa gave me a 1.5" thick stack of service records, asked me to change the oil regularly, never change the ATF or flush, which he said avoids slipping, and to make sure I wash the crevices under/behind all plastic cladding/chrome trim.

And then he gave me the car for FREE

Passed QC safety in '09, as it was from out of province. Changed a top mount for motor, that's it.

And I've had it ever since. Never gonna sell it.

My brother bought a '94 Grand Prix recently, as well with 80k on the odo.

So that's my story.

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