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Hi! 😇

 I just bought a 2000 Buick Century Limited 3.1L SFI. I wanted to do 3 things first on it. Clean and paint intake manifold black(fresh gaskets), cold air intake, and an oil catch can.

My questions are what is the best aftermarket CAI for these engines? I only see Weapon-R and ZZP’s 3800 CAI really. Lastly, is the 3100 able to have a oil catch can set up? Thanks

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WHY would you WANT a "catch can"?

Folks put "catch cans" on engines that have excess blow-by (worn-out) or have improperly-baffled PCV valves (generally from using cheap-junk aftermarket valve covers.)

I have no faith in aftermarket "cold air intakes".  Mostly, they're cheap junk designed primarily to separate perfectly good dollars from the wallets of folks who don't know better.  In actual cold weather, they can lead to throttle-body icing and poor warm-up.


My advice is to save your money, leave the PCV and air-intake system alone.  Painting and re-gasketing the intake manifold shouldn't cause any problems, though.

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