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Hello to all, 


Very excited to have found this group ! There is A LOT of great stuff in here. 

I live in Canada and am the proud owner of a 1994 Oldsmobile cutlass convertible, with the LQ1 3.4 DOHC Engine. My screen name reflects the color of the car which is in the Quasar Blue. My youngest daughter calls it the 'smurf' for that reason. It has since been disabled due to a water inlet housing cracking in half, and I have had ZERO luck finding this part. I have inquired at several salvage yards in Canada, as far out as BC and as well in the US as far South as Florida. I am exploring the option of attempting to have that part 'welded' but am unsure of how it will hold up. The car was bought used locally and since my ownership of the vehicle, the transmission has been replaced, the timing belt twice and oil pump driveshaft was giving me quite a drip. With that all fixed, It now sits on blocks waiting for me to find a solution to this part. I do hope that someone can assist in some way as my hunt looks bleak. GM discontinued the part not too long ago and cost about 15 dollars new at that time. I do enjoy GM vehicles. My very first car was a 1988 Chevrolet Baretta ! THAT, was fun little ride. 

Again, Hello to all and looking forward to hearing from you ! 




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If your 94 vert is a Bright Aqua Metallic car...with White interior and Black top, it would be only 1 of 4 made in that color combo.  Using the production information provided here.  That's pretty rad.

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