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1991 cutlass convertible black on black with red interior


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I've got a cutlass that's been sitting 8 years with a arizona title I've decided I'm ready to part with I've recently got the motor for it and I've got the original transmission and a spare I'd rather someone from here get it then the scrap yard it needs help but could make a gd parts car has a intact top Frame and functioning hydraulics message me if interested I can post pictures later when I get over to the property it's on I'm located in Cleveland Ohio relatively rust free has only seen cleveland roads for 6 months before it was parked I'd rather someone who will appreciate it take it for free then me sell for scrap 

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I also have a 3.1 mpfi engine with 65k on it out of a donor vehicle and a transmission that I was told only had 50k on it but no proof





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The car had I think 170,000 miles on it I've got no battery to turn on the dash when I parked all the electrical worked perfectly 

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