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Carpet-like material on rear edge of front seat bottoms

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I suppose the previous owners were too rough when vacuuming or too heavy when sitting in the front seats.  The “carpet-like” stuff was definitely not a durable material for the upholstery.  What is the name of that kind of material/fiber when searching for yardage to replace the existing?   Any thoughts on whether a reinforcing fabric should be used as an underlayment so it doesn’t happen again? (By the way, the same stuff is used around the rear seat seatbelt openings.)


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Yours looks similar to mine.   I believe the wear pattern is from rear seat passengers shoes, they don't put them under the seat and they treat the lower seat back like a footrest.  Or when they're climbing in or out, the seat back is pushed forward and they might accidentally step on that piece.   If you aren't strict about using OEM material, I'd recommend using something stronger than the original material if you plan on having rear seat passengers.   You could go to an upholstery shop, they could give you suggestions for what to use.   They might even be able to simply cover it with another layer of charcoal or black material for pretty cheap.   

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All good points.   I have ordered a new top that will be installed by an auto upholsterer.   I will be asking him about possible options once I receive the top and visit his shop again.  I created my post because I thought I could possibly find the OEM material online in advance.  I am also tempted to see about having the matching carpet material used in place of the OEM material.  I know some cars actually used the floor carpeting for that area.   

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