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Hello! ...again!

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After 9 years without a w-body, I find myself behind the wheel of another! Some of you might know me but many I'm sure don't so here I am to say hello again!

Back in 2011, I sold my Black 2000 GTP, and just yesterday I picked up a Silver 2002 Grand Prix GT for $450. That's right, four hundred and fifty dollars! It's definitely clapped out, but I knew that's what I'd be getting for a near junk-yard price. It runs, drives, and more importantly, stops.

I plan on giving it as much TLC as reasonable. Give it some care in it's twilight year(s?)

The biggest issue it has is the transmission. There is quite the delay in shifting into 2nd. On the test drive, it would only go up to ~20 mph and the tranny would just slip, so I was a bit worried. I figured out the trick though - feather the gas and keep the rpms below 2.5k, then it would shift and be fine from there. Keep light on the gas and it will shift more normal.

The seller included an extra working 4t65e from the junkyard and included it. So I have a backup. Or I might just swap it out anyway.

Rust is an issue, but that's kind of expected. At least the strut towers are really good.

Anyway, here are the pictures:



Extra trans in the trunk:


Standard interior we all know, no frills.




Security light is on and someone's been working here... 



Rocker panels look in decent shape - at first glance



But as you can see, there are no jackstand mounting locations. GONE!




Well, there it is. It smells like it looks, but it's mine and it's a w-body. I already have a parts list going of things to replace. So far I have: upper & lower intake gaskets, coil packs, grill insert, vacuum lines and front bumper. I don't think any power mods would be appropriate given the condition of the underbody and transmission. 

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