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Weather stripping split.


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Still sorting out my recent vert purchase. There weather stripping that runs the length of car on both sides on the top frame. Both of mine are split about 3/4 of the way down the top frame. Exact same spot. Almost looks factory but as it is now, there’s about a 1/2 in gap. Great spot for a leak. When the top is down, the strip is bent at a 90 degree angle. Is it supposed to be split? Or do I need to figure out a way glue them back together?

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On 1/2/2020 at 5:31 PM, jmjp5055 said:

Don’t know if this helps 


Helps a bunch. Apparently they are 2 pieces and have shrunk over the years. They are still flexible and stretchy. I’ll have to figure out a way to get them to mate up again. I figure some 3m tape in the channel will work. What book did you get that out of. I got a set of factory service manuals but they do not address much for a very. Is there s factory supplement for verts?

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