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.........My 93 Cutlass Convertible......

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hello All

It's been a few years, my last visit to this forum was 4 yrs ago, I owned a 95 vert then

I got myself another convertible, very clean one...I've had it for about 2yrs now

This one is a 93, super clean no rust at all compared to my 95 I had, elderly couple owned

and as much as I hate the LQ1 engines, I think its the car good looks that keeps drawing me closer to them

how I wish we could fit a trusty V8 iron in these cars


I haven't done much to this car at all, compared to my previous 95 where (George from the forum here) and I did some work on our cars few years ago

I did however modify the stock air box to improve flow, I took out the driver side high beam out and shaved off a few inches off the air box to align it closer to the high beam hole, car looked like it was missing a tooth so I took the other high beam out, which im hoping should help engine heat feel a bit more warmer 








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Beautiful!  I for one absolutely love the LQ1's so far.  I have two of them and enjoying every second of working on not only the motors but the cars themselves.  I hope we can change your opinion on the LQ1 but if not, no harm.  Again, she's a beauty!

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She’s a real beauty.. I love the turquoise color a lot 

I don’t mind working on LQ1s.... is the fact that I have a few vintage projects( 69 olds, 70 opel, 77 pontiac, 85 camaro. Sold my 65 and 67 t-birds, 64 olds, 50 packard and 70 pontiac)  and after working on these iron brutes I loose love for the LQ1s 

well she needs a new ICM or fuel pump... im having hard starts now and the ICM is a b**ch to get to 

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Understandable.  You have a nice collection for sure.  

I also have to do the fuel pumps on both of my W's so I know what you mean.  But...I love working on them so it won't be that bad.  Good luck, we all look forward in seeing your progress.

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