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New 95 Cutlass Supreme droptop

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Greetings. I have wanted a droptop since my early days of muscle car ownership. Roadrunners, GTO, Dusters, Darts. Finally, at 64 years old I got one. 95 Cutlass Supreme convertible. 85k on the clock, one owner, 3400 powered garage baby. Scale 1-10, I give it a 9. Perfect paint, body and top. Strong motor. Couple leaks in the top I need to fix. Minor wear on drivers seat. Everything works. Despite the 3400’s reputation for being hard to work on, I ain’t scared of it. Been a gear head all my life. I figure if I run into a problem, someone here can bail me out. The real drag is since I got it, been raining every day😖. I’m looking forward to cruising the Texas Hill country with the top down and the wind in what’s left of my hair 😀

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Welcome and congrats on getting your droptop! I have a 1995 convertible too and love it! This is the best forum on the internet related to these cars. I have a 3.4L DOHC in mine and they really aren't that bad, especially if you've been wrenching all of your life. 

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