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I had not made a visit in a few years but I am sure glad to see some people here who enjoy their W-Body as much as me. I've owned my 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP for 20 years now. It no longer has the 3.4 it now has a 93' 3.1. I molded the rear wheel well flares into the quarter panels due to the fact that they were starting to become deformed from the heat. Most of  my car is in red epoxy primer. When I was in the process of the engine install I received some very useful information from this site. I've kept my car up with parts from e-bay such as used tail lights and new and used window switches etc. Also RockAuto Parts supplied the new ECM, coil springs and their seats plus many other parts. RockAuto have a wide variety of wiper blades at decent prices.  If your in it for the long haul try to find the shop manual for your W body as they show lots of detail unlike the Haynes or Chilton books. I found my manuals around 2007 for $100.00. I would recommend to any W body owner to replace their rear transverse leaf spring bushing. This will bring the rear of the car back up to the proper level cost around $20.00 for the pair and can be installed in less then 1 hour. Thanks










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Looks good! You did the opposite of what I want to do with my '96 engine wise. I know a supercharged 3800 would be easier to find parts for and give me more power, but I like my smaller, rev happy engines.

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