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Thanks for adding me! Love this forum! Extremely helpful! I bought a 90’ Cutlass Convertible our of a storage unit and currently trying to get it back on the road. Last time it was up and going was ‘06! It has 75k miles, duel exhaust, digital dash and driver information system. I use to have a 91’ Cutlass coupe but sold it before I went to college. Will definitely be asking questions and needing help as I go! 

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Awesome form! Extremely healthful! Thanks for adding me! In the process of getting a ‘90 Cutlass Convertible back on the road after sitting in storage for 12 years! 75k miles, duel exhaust and has the driver information system. I had a ‘91 Cutlass coupe when I was a teen and loved it! I’ll definitely need some help getting her all finished up! 


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