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1994 Cutlass - 3.4V - catalytic converter


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Someone mentioned to me, that if you do not have enough power from the engine as you accelerate, it could be the catalytic converter. Has anyone have any ideas on this?

The guys said, his vehicle could not run very well when the was accelerating down the road. He took it to a mechanic who drilled a small hole before the catalytic converter in the pipe. The guy drove the car and it seemed that the power had almost came back. Guy ended up replacing his catalytic converter.

Would that still hold true with a 1994 3.4V that has around 130,000 miles on the engine?

Thanks for any advice!

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That holds true for any engine. Better than drilling a hole, remove the upstream O2 sensor. It'll be loud and it'll throw an ses light, but it's a good test while in open loop.

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