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new member from near Buffalo NY

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Welcome to the forum.  That's a nice Z34 you got.  Can't wait to see the progress on it.  I've had my W-body for almost 8 years and learn something new everyday seems like.  For example, I learned this week that a 5.3L V8 LS4 swap has been successfully completed on a 95 Cutlass Supreme.

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Nas, He hasn't picked it up yet.  You can see it in this thread.


Harvey, a nice DA polish with a heavy cut and then a polish might get you through the summer before you paint as you go over the mechanical on it. The boot, bonnet, and deck lid look like they're toast in the pictures but you never know what's under that oxidation.  I've seen worse than this get saved and end up looking great.  If the paint is sun cracked then respray it is.


- Read up on the o-ring leak, if it's oil wet that'll be your first job. The oring is definitely shrunk and brittle if its original. It's a very easy fix if you doit the way. 


- Take the timing belt cover off and see how it looks.


lots of things to check out.  You'll have to make a restoration thread in the members section.  Lots of members will be eager to see how you progress on the project, myself included.

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