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Welcome New W-Body.com Members


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We've had an influx of new members due to another forum falling and I thought it might be a cool idea to do a little thread to help new members acclimate.


First of all, I'm really sorry GPF went down and took all the knowledge that was amassed there with it. If this forum went down I'd be devastated. I sincerely hope it bounces back before the domain expires.




We have a "New Member Introductions" area to introduce yourselves if you'd like to post:



Here on W-Body.com we use the "Whatever" thread as kind of a wall to chit chat and just hang out:


-I wouldn't advise starting on the first page since it's been running for years.


There's a gallery feature associated with our accounts that we can make use of, most of us run a thread on our cars so others can chime in with advice and comments in the "Member's Rides" section:



There's a section to run a thread on our non- W-Body cars as well:



Our "Write-Up" section is a little elusive but it's pretty good. For whatever reason or another they are in the "Faq's" section:


Our FAQ's section is limited to posting by staff, if you'd like to do a write-up just put it in the appropriate section and staff will move it if it's appropriate.



We meet IRL at least once a year, typically it's along the great lakes but members from other areas can organize meets in different locations if there's interest:



So welcome new members to W-Body.com, a close network of friends.    Tom

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