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HELP! 3.4 coil firing order?


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Hey really quick does anyone know the order or the diagram for the firing order for the spark plugs from the coilpack?? i cant fnid it on google or searching this forum, i seen it for 2.8 but i dont want to assume the same for the 3.4


anyone can tell me or show me the diagram for the '94 gtp 3.4 dohc thanks alot !

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thanks guys !


by the time i got back up to the garage tho my brother found a sweet book just for w body cars 88-96 or something and he found a picture of the coil pack showing the numbers, when we changed the wires he mixed them all up ahah so we didnt kno where they wnet and we got them right cept for 2 and it was miss firing bad so thats why i made a topic for help, but this book came out of no where, its all beat up and used up, i love it, lotta great stuff in there.


thanks tho !



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