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3.4 Fuel Injector Differences


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You can use ANY year DOHC 3.4 injectors in any year DOHC, they are all compatible.


The 1991-93 came from the factory bad. They were loud(clicking), and they made the car stall out after a few thousand miles(More-so on the 5-speeds, but I have heard of an auto stalling as well). GM made a recall for them, and my guess is about 60% got the recall. And I'd say of the 40% remaining, 20% have had their injectors changed due to normal maintenance. For the last 20, life sucks. The ones you buy from an auto store for a 91-93 won't make the car stall, but they will still be loud(I don't notice mine unless my hood is up).


The 94-95 were the same as the earlier years, but they fixed the stalling. IIRC they are also loud.


The 96-97 were rated 1# smaller(no big deal on a stock or slightly modded motor), and they fixed the stalling and run near silent. I have a srt of 6 of these, but I haven't had time to put them in. I would like to however, considering mine are loud and the car stalls out.

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This should help, it an orginal service bulletin



File In Section: 6E - Engine Fuel & Emission

Service Bulletin

I I I Oldsmobile PONTIAC

Bulletin No.: 67-63-03

Date: June, 1996


Some owners may experience a phantom stall when the engine throttle is closed and high load demands are placed on the engine. Typically this is encountered when the owner is maneuvering in a parking lot at an idle speed with a closed throttle and placing a high load demand on the engine such as power steering. The engine could stall but would restart immediately. This type of stall is very difficult

to duplicate.


A new fuel injector, part number 25170699, has been released for service to correct this condition. The new fuel injector is designed to flow richer at a low pulse width. Before replacing the injectors, remember to check the following:

1. Minimum air rate setting.

2. Vehicles equipped with manual transmissions:

check crankshaft end play, refer to

bulletin 236007.

X - RPO LQ1)

3. Power steering pressure switch.

4. Make sure the latest calibration is installed in the vehicle, refer to bulletin 336506.

Parts Information

Parts are currently available from GMSPO.

r Part Number

Name I

jector Asm - M/Port fue!]

[ 6 25170699 In

Warranty Information

For vehicles repaired under

warranty, use:

Labor Operation

Labor Time

J5650 Injector, fuel - replace

Use published labor

operation time.

Subject: Phantom Stalls at Closed Throttle and High Engine Loads (Replace Fuel Injectors)

Models: 1991-93 Chevrolet Lumina

1991-93 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

1991-93 Pontiac Grand Prix

with 3.4L Twin DOHC V6 Engine (yIN

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Hey Aaron, I've kinda got the same question, except what I would like to know is can you use the injectors from a 96 3100 in a 3.4? It is extremely hard to find a 95+ 3.4 engine around here (none) of the yards have them. I experience the same stalling issue.

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  • 9 years later...

Wow, this thread is a blast from the past.

Just for reference making a new thread would probably be better. This thread is... nearly 20 years old :Yikes_anim:

Short answer, probably not. Long answer, I don't know, but.

I'd wager the rate is different between the 3.4 and 4.3, and I think most 4.3s had spider injecton or something weird. don't listen to me though 4.3s aren't my cup of tea.

A quick poke around on the internet seems to indicate that most FWD 94-96 3100s are a direct replacement, though double check me on that one.

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