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Lock Cylinder vs Ignition Switch problem


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I think I need a new lock cylinder, but need your help diagnosing. In the past, I would just go to the junkyard and replace the entire column. Hard to find these cars of course, especially with keys. Why do junkyards pull the keys from the columns nowadays?

My 1991 cutlass starts with no problem. Once I start the car, I need to gently turn the key backward like maybe 1 cm, to a position for the top/windows to go down. If you turn it any more than that, it shuts the car off. There is no clicking into another spot or anything, it just wants to be back just a hair. I haven't been driving the car, so I am sure other things would probably be affected too.

This is the part I need your help. Is this the lock cylinder going bad? To me, I can imagine a spring in there that is wearing out, I actually have no idea if this is remotely correct, as I've never worked on one before. 

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I replaced the ignition lock cylinder, but the problem remains, you have to move it back just a bit for the power windows and top to work. Thought I would update you guys in case you ever run into the same problem. It appears to be the ignition switch.

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