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4t65e awd


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Does anybody know the differences between the 4t65e trannys and the trannys in the awd rendezvous?

I wanna know if it’s possible to modify my 4t65e in my cutlass and add the rendezvous transfer case to make it awd.



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Anything is possible. Just how much work are you going to have to put in is the question?

Shaun and I have tossed this idea back and fourth for years now, and yeah its basically a PTO off the differential housing. That said it will be far less aggravation on an aggravating project to just start with the AWD 4t65, I mean you need the rest of the system anyhow may as well just start with getting all of it. Honestly just buy an entire donor car. You'll need it, i'm sure. also the Versatrak fluid is $33 a quart.

The other question to ask is "what is the goal here" if its performance that system from what we found was far less of a "performance" oriented system and more of a "bad weather" system.

you also have all the running gear out back to deal with as well as making it actually fit in a car that never had the provisions

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