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Anyone Using Non-Traditional Insurance on Your Convertible?


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I have always used typical  liability, medical expense, uninsured/underinsured motorist, comprehensive and collision coverage on my 1996 Cutlass convertible (77,452 miles). It is a summer car, not a daily driver.

I was thinking of doing agreed value insurance. Have any of you used alternative insurance like agreed value, and if so can you offer any advice?

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I have hagerty on my 88 cutlass coupe.  

Im in Canada and it’s around $500 a year for $10,000 value and they are aware my car is heavily modded with engine swap, suspension, transmission.

it was easy to get and find a value that worked for both.    

the biggest thing you need to know with any agreed value (Atleast when I was looking) was that they don’t want you daily driving the car and can be used just for pleasure only with no commuting to work. For me this isn’t an issue as it’s only a fun toy for me, but it might be for you.  

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Thanks  The car is not a daily driver, so I meet that criteria. Where I get hung up is coming up with a value for the vehicle. The value according to sites like Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds place the dealer value at $3500 - $4500, yet the asking price for these cars (1995 Cutlass Supreme convertible 77K miles) ranges from $6K - $10K. I guess go with $6 - $8K and call it a day.

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If one is new to Hagerty & one does not have an appraisal they will do the appraisal before issuing you an insurance contract.

They will not take *word of mouth* or the Kelley value, they will value the car according to their standards which are very fair minded.

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