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Hello all ! 


Glad to be a part of this unique community. I saw my 94 on the roadside for sale and fell in love with it almost instantly. It wasn't long before I was driving it, top down as soon as I could ! 

For the time being it sits waiting for me find or fix as part that is small but oh so vital to the cars running. I recall me being the 3rd owner of this particular car, and I bought in Canada from a man who bought in the US. It is an American car that jumped the border haha. 

For those who may be cringing at the 'stripes' on the hood. First it's hockey tape, and second it was a small tribute to the late EVH. It has since been removed with zero residue to the finish. 

 I came to this site while looking for a part for this car so I can once again the road with top dropped, but am also thinking that I will enjoy hearing from others who share in the joy of these beautiful cars. 

For now, Thank you and look forward to hearing from you ! 



121380553_10164269703320858_534106184855428832_n (2).jpg

74175598_10163795046440858_6211039171075826761_n (2).jpg

105649861_10163795045855858_3724143596475007430_n (2).jpg

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Beautiful! Looks to be in great shape, congrats on being the new owner. Similar to my 94. 


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Nice car!   I love the white interior convertibles.   I had little kids when I bought mine, so I didn't think I could keep a white interior clean and got the black.    I've often wished that I would have got the white.    Also, I really love EVH so I appreciate the stripes.   Your car looks to be in really good shape, but I'm curious what happened to the front Oldsmobile rocket emblem.   Did all the red paint fade off or was it damaged some other way?   

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Where in *Doug Ford*ville are you?

Notice that you're missing a fender flare.....

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