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New 1.5 DIN head unit option


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Found this over on the Corvette Forum - some C5 folks are excited about having found a head unit that's single-DIN with a centrally-mounting 8.8" touchscreen display that can fit entirely behind a 1.5 DIN-height bezel. I've already converted my C5 to double-DIN, but I saw potential for the GP.


It's an octa-core with 4GB RAM/64GB ROM and capacitive touchscreen running Android 10 with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, DSP w/EQ, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS, SWRC, optical outputs, 5GHz Wifi, 4G LTE, and options for DVR, TPMS and backup camera.

Our 1G W's have an extremely shallow mounting depth that has made upgrades challenging to say the least.  However with finally jettisoning the antiquated disc format from new head units, shallower mounting depths are now possible.  I've never seen a factory unit with CD, but I'm wondering how it fit.

C5s have more mounting depth than we do, but I'm still thinking this is one of the strongest possibilities yet.  Its mounting depth to the back of the display is a mere 129mm, or 5".  I have to take some measurements tonight but I think this might fit - and be the manifestation of a product I've been looking for for more than a decade!

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That is kinda neat, if its not total crap it might be cool.

though for me it defeats the thing I like about the old cars, and I know i'm somewhat of a luddite so take that for what you will.

I don't want a big screen or CarPlay in my old car. Not having that sort of thing is precisely why I enjoy it.

Hell I don't want a stupid screen period I work on computers all day I don't want to constantly be surrounded. 

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Wow, thats a lot bigger then I expected.

I'm guessing your car has the weird small amplifier at the base of the console that powers the dash and door speakers I know that thing was a notorious pain in the rear in years past but no idea how it was dealt with.

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2 hours ago, crazyd said:

I got it installed last week.  Still haven't figured out how to get the door speakers to work, anyone have any suggestions?  Also have the PAC-SWI steering wheel interface but have no idea how it's supposed to connect to this thing.


Dave: the small *amp* & I use that word loosely....... is high impedance wired across the front speaker channels, what the front speakers get, the door speakers get as well. There is no volume control for it at all, I removed mine many many many years ago & installed a separate amp under the pass seat that is rca wired into my Alpine head unit & then to the doors speakers. Much better being able to independently control the volume to the doors myself.




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According to the above diagram, the pink wire in the factory harness to the "amplifier" provides the power.  I am unsure which year service manual the diagram is from, however.  (Your vehicle may not have the "amplifier switch" pictured in the diagram with the white wire in the harness.)  The factory pink wire is the "remote turn on" wire (or commonly referred to as the "power antenna" wire), so the corresponding wire in the aftermarket harness should be the blue wire (or perhaps a blue wire with white tracer).

Just out of curiosity, are you using the stock speakers, or do you have aftermarket replacements?

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