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New 1.5 DIN head unit option

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Found this over on the Corvette Forum - some C5 folks are excited about having found a head unit that's single-DIN with a centrally-mounting 8.8" touchscreen display that can fit entirely behind a 1.5 DIN-height bezel. I've already converted my C5 to double-DIN, but I saw potential for the GP.


It's an octa-core with 4GB RAM/64GB ROM and capacitive touchscreen running Android 10 with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, DSP w/EQ, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS, SWRC, optical outputs, 5GHz Wifi, 4G LTE, and options for DVR, TPMS and backup camera.

Our 1G W's have an extremely shallow mounting depth that has made upgrades challenging to say the least.  However with finally jettisoning the antiquated disc format from new head units, shallower mounting depths are now possible.  I've never seen a factory unit with CD, but I'm wondering how it fit.

C5s have more mounting depth than we do, but I'm still thinking this is one of the strongest possibilities yet.  Its mounting depth to the back of the display is a mere 129mm, or 5".  I have to take some measurements tonight but I think this might fit - and be the manifestation of a product I've been looking for for more than a decade!

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