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2003 Regal Head Unit Mounting Depth

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Hi everyone,

My son has an 03 Regal (not Monsson). Want to put a new system (complete) in it. Have all the amps, speakers and wires.

The tricky part is the head unit.

He wants to be able to play CD's as well as more modern interface (Bluetooth, thumb drive etc...).

The problem is that Crutchfield lists very few units that fit due to the very shallow mounting depth.

I had the dash apart once and had the radio out, and when looking back there it looked like I might be able to cut out a piece of plastic that is restricting the mounting depth.

Does anyone have experience with what I am running into here? Can the head unit cubby be modified to fit something longer than what Crutchfield says will fit?

Thanks for any help.

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