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FE3 Suspension Specs?

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I have a '90 Cutlass Supreme SL Sedan with 18,000 original miles. Fully optioned out with the FE3 suspension. I am attempting to determine exactly what the FE3 suspensions consisted of on these cars. I see many different specs quoted online. I want to replace the rear struts because they are 31 years old. Any opinions or suggestions will really help. This car is new to me. 


FE3 Suspension.jpg

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A suggestion for future questions is to use google and search this site specifically  Type site:w-body.com followed by whatever topic/text you want to search and this will yield far better search results than the built in search on this site.


Most here are going to recommend KYB struts to replace those on a car with FE3 suspension. The top of the line Monroe's are another option, though the KYB's are a bit stiffer.

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Nab a strut tower bar if you're able to. They only came factory on cutlass convertibles, gives a bit of stiffness that these cars respond well to. There are 2 versions, the 3.1 cars had a thinner, round bar while the 3.4 cars had a thicker, square one.

Also, I've redone most of my suspension in my Grand Prix. I'd suggest replacing your sway bar bushings. If possible go with poly ones, I used those in the front. For struts I went with the KYB Excel-Gs. They've done a solid job, new bushings and shocks are essentially upgrades when you're dealing with cars this old. Don't bother replacing the monoleaf in the back unless you're open to either switching to some coil over setup or getting a custom metal replacement. It's a huge hassle to deal with.

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