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New member with a Buick Regal 95 :)

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I’m Srdjan, new to your page and wanna share some experience and know-how which i get during fixing my Regal from 95.

Bought the car in a relatively bad shape. Was sitting outside for at least 2years without any care.

when i bought it, i serviced the whole engine and bring it back to life with fresh new parts. Had several issues with sensors like TPS, IAC and ETC but now driving like a pro and enjoyed it.

installed as well the backlight of an Regal GS before facelift (mine is a facelift model 95-96) i love these much more than the stock of facelift.

put as well the Grand Prix GTP mesh rims in 16inch which were now painted from white to silver. Gives more an sporty but still stock look. Fitment in back in awsome front naa ok so fare could be less than 1inch more inside but so fare so good. :)



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I like how it looks with the wheels pushed out, it makes it look sportier.   I'm running Grand Prix wheels (five spokes, not the crosslaces, but with similar backspacing) on my 95 Cutlass, and yes the front wheels stick out past the fenders but I like it.   It also sharpens the steering response, which I like as well.

Also, your profile picture is a Cutlass, do you have two first-gen w-bodies??   In what looks like Switzerland?

That's a really nice looking Regal.

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Thanks oldmangrimes!

yeah it ok so fare special just looking from front the seems to be out when you look on fender side is ok... but anyway its ok haha..

do you have picutes from your cutlass?

used to have an cutlass supreme international coupe from 1990... but a mess i sold the car and it was my first ride i ever get... but is now 15years gone 🤣

had several cutlass ciera, supreme buick regals pontiac grand prix and impala ss from 96

yeah i‘m living in Switzerland  

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Well is not that difficult i import mostly direct from Rockauto is most efficient in price and shipment options... here the service centers are to expensiv and to be honest don’t really those cars... difficult to find good mechanics i think all over the world. :) but try my best to do things by my own or with a friend as well with my others rides. 😎

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