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Radiator Core Support

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Has anyone replaced their radiator core support on a 97-03 GP?  It's the same part from what I'm seeing as the 04-08.  Only the bottom part is damaged, so I was hoping they were two pieces.  Wondering if I can cut the damaged part out weld it in.  I pulled it out some and I'll need to replace the A/C condenser, too.  I pulled it out some and it's functional, just would like to fix it sometime. I'm assuming they're bolted and spot-welded?  

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Last year when myself & my son deep sixed his dilapidated '02 GTP we cut out the rad core support to pull out the powertrain thru the front. It is all welded into place, if you're going to replace yours do you intend to get the entire section width from fenderwell to fenderwell?

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I really only need to fix the middle third, I would say.  I moved the metal enough to where it doesn't hit the condensor, so I don't think it really needs fixed, but it bugs me.  




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