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Hi Daryl here I'm new to this so please be patient

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23 hours ago, Daryl said:

I have a 1994 Cutlass convertible and all I need is the HVAC control assembly part # 19153504  please help Thank You Daryl


Welcome!  I posted in another thread about this.  Are you wanting to have a spare?  Or is the one you have dead?  Not sure if they can be repaired but being a electronic part, I would think so.  I would look into companies or services that might be able to do that.  If not, Ebay and junkyards would be your best bet to find a replacement.

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This is going to sound stupid, but what is "not working??"


Is the display dead?


You have zero control over temperature, etc??


Just me, but I would start at the fuse box.  Unless just the display is dead.


I wouldn't fix it, I would find a replacement, would also do well in terms of eliminating things if you're still left with an undesirable result after a new unit.

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Hey Daryl,  Try to find Don Ouvry on Facebook under W-body Marketplace.  He says he has 13 cutlass convertibles that hes parting.  I assume atleast 1 of them has what you're look for!



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