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284 5 speed list of parts.


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Alright guys, I wanted to start a wish list of all the 5 speed components that are unavailable now and to get an idea of what you 5 speed guys want for extra parts or to get your 5 speed cars up and running again due to tranny failure issues.  

A friend at work is wanting to make some money on the side since he just bought a CNC machine.  He unfortunately sold his lathe and he won't be able to make axle shafts, etc but he might be able to make other components.  I am not educated in these 5 speed parts so that's why I'm reaching out to you guys for a list.  He also has a 3D printer and can make other parts as well but I really would like a list of manual trans specific parts that are unobtainable now.  

Please be as specific as you can with any details or concerns, questions that you may have.  I will pass them on to him and see what he says.  Also, pictures would be helpful too.  Thanks guys!





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The biggest thing blocker/synchronizer rings. Assuming shift forks and gears aren't trashed out, its bearings that can be cross referenced and found in most catalogs and syncro rings that go.

One of my backburner projects is to split the case on a worn 284 that I have and see what kind of pandoras box I open up.

At the end of the day its a 5 speed manual, not the most complex thing in the world and manuals exist for teardown. 

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Alrighty.  I will ask him.  Any detailed or specifics on those would help as well.  I will also ask him if it would be ok for people to contact him directly but I'm always here to be the middle man, happy to do so.

Thanks Chris.

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there is the issue. there is no technical drawings for any of those, at least not locked away in a dusty filing cabinet at Getrag's HQ.

You'd basically have to take a worn one and its matching gears and first make a duplicate of it then build the friction surface back up till it does its job properly again. it would be a bunch of messing about to get it just right since short of taking apart a known good unit... of which I do have. 

basically getting the proper metals and buying them in bulk is the easy part, being able to recreate it in G code that a CNC mill can use to program is the ultimate challenge.

my neighbor and I were going to do this exact thing actually, but he's since changed jobs and no longer has an entire machine shop at his disposal.

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Gotcha.  If he is confident in that he can remake these parts, I am actually willing to find and buy a 5 speed transmission, even actually a whole car if need be.  It would be ideal to have one and then learn how to properly tear one down, build and replace the parts, and then properly put it back together.  I want to help out the 5 speed guys AND...I might someday get a 5 speed 91 STE myself that a friend of mine might part with.  I would feel way more confident in owning the car if the parts to keep it running weren't such a challenge to find.

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