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Sway Bar Bushings - '96 Grand Prix

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Need to replace the sway bar bushings on my '96 Grand Prix, but Rockauto shows a bunch of different sizes.  No earthly idea why GM would make all those sizes but I digress.

I took a digital caliper out and measured the bar on a straight portion between the subframe mount and the mount at the control arm.  It measures exactly 35mm.

The problem is that I can't find a bushing for a 35mm bar.  This is a '96 Grand Prix SE with the FE3 suspension, does anyone know what size bar it should have?

Rockauto lists 24mm to 36mm with seemingly endless sizes in between, EXCEPT a 35mm.  Is 36mm the one I should be after?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Also, does anyone know how these are removed, the ones at the subframe?  It looks like there's a through bolt coming from underneath the subframe that has a T50 torx head, then two nuts holding each cap at the top.  Problem is there's zero room to get a wrench in on the nuts-- I tried every tool I had, there's just no place to maneuver a tool in there..  I tried an impact on the bolt head with a T50 bit and it's just laughing at me.

If it IS a through bolt like I suspect, I guess if all else fails I could cut the bolt heads off which should free them, and then replace with another bolt?  Would love to hear how others have done this.

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