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Reproduction Convertible Top Seals Initiative

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2 hours ago, ManicMechanic said:

Very sloppy welds, factory welds would have been much neater. The front fenders looked as though they were cut with a reciprocating saw and two large holes drilled for bolts. Under a cover on each front door is where they hacked off the door b-pillar and re welded it back on and it looked like a baboon was using the welder, seriously.

That's disappointing to hear. I almost wish I had not asked. I mostly like the look of the car when the top is down, but every now and then I am somewhat bothered by how the folded up top sits on the back of the car instead of presenting more flattened, streamlined appearance as vehicles designed as convertibles do. Makes me wonder how much better car could have been if a convertible variant had been designed from the ground up for assembly on the line vs the coupe conversion.

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1 hour ago, jonosso said:

I joined the Doraville Plant Facebook group and asked about all of this.  Check out this response from one of the plant workers.  This is awesome history.


Thanks for posting the plant worker's reply. It is very interesting. Maybe you will hear from someone who worked for Cares and Concepts (C and C) and get some information on the conversion process from their point of view.

When I bought my convertible in 2007, I thought I was buying a factory-built car that had been designed as a convertible. They still look pretty good for a conversion convertible, but from what ManicMechanic reported, there is a lot of sloppy work hidden under the trim pieces. And if Oldsmobile was losing $10,000 on every convertible, you have to wonder how much pressure C and C was under to convert the cars as fast as possible for the least amount of effort. That might account for what ManicMechanic saw.

Thanks again for sharing the worker's recollections. Sounds like  the conversion was anything but streamlined.

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The Chinses company that bought out C&C would be the first step in finding out who made the seals, I thought someone there might be cool enough to look into it if I can get them on the phone. I dont have time this morning but might this weekend.

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Soffseal made all three w/strip designs.  Scott Hayes done a great job of explaining the process.  Early design, 91 thru 92 had a 'butt joint' type w/strip mating connection.  Running change in late 92 began the angle type connection and 93 into 94 and 95 was the final and best design of a ball and socket type.  'A' pillar w/strip final was the one with the drain hole in the runner when standing over corner.  

The tops were made wider by approx. 1.5 inches in late 94 production to help cover the side window w/strips and aid in water leaks.

The Body in Whites were sent over three at a time on a side curtain type covered trailer that would pull alongside the dock at C&C and then put on the Flat Table to be reinforced with eventually I believe just over 100 braces of sorts. Then the top came off.


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