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93 Lumina Euro Suspension Clunk

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So for the life of my I cant figure this noise out. The vehicle went over a parking stop at 10 mph and slightly bent the d/s front sway bar. Front strut cartridges were replaced about 2 years ago. I just put a new (used) 34 mm sway bar with new bushings, engine/trans mount replaced 3 years ago, and I just replaced the rear subframe bushings. Any ideas? Maybe the spring insulator? Thanks in advance.


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Yeah it does look like the ball joint has too much movement.   I did almost the same things you did on my 95, focusing on struts/shocks/bushings/swaybars, but I didn't change the balljoints until it was too late and one broke on me at speed and caused a bunch of damage, luckily nobody got hurt.     It clunked a little before failing, but I don't know if it's the same sound you have or not.    Ball joints aren't expensive, but it is tedious to drill out the original rivets, make sure you have good drill bits.

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So the shock retainer nut had came loose and that noise is sound of my shock bottoming out into the knuckle assembly. Needless to say I need new shocks. Does anyone have any recommendations for front shocks? I currently have the AC Delco front shocks but I have seen that Gabriel and a few other companies sell them. 

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