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Lowering an 89 cutlass?


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That should about do it.






Well some people use the unproven coilovers, unproven since the W isn't strengthened at the top of the strut tower to support the car. Others find weaker rear springs, the spring codes are on http://www.wbody.com.


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Thats a gut buster!

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so if i do go with coilovers do i just remove the fiberglass leaf all together?

and if i weld some posts that go from the frame part to my strut bar will that improve it to help take the weight?

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Either way, airbags or coilovers, you're supporting the car from the same spot. The upper strut mount was not designed to be used to support the car. Have there been any cars that have had the towers ripped out from extra stress? Not that I'm aware of, but let the buyer beware...

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