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Ripped off in 1994!


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Talk about how you can get taken an not even know it years down the line! My re-acquired 1994 Cutlass Supreme has some really poor paint issues on the front LH fender, door, rear qtr. I had always thought it was due to how my Dad parked it without moving it much for 6 years and the sun got at it. Nope. Turns out before I bought it from the Olds dealer (as a Demo) back in 1994 it was used by the dealer's wife for 2400 miles or so. Well, she must have had some kind of scrape with it which resulted in the entire drivers side getting painted over the existing paint. And it was a crummy job ad now that paint looks like Aqua Teal #43 primer its so bad. I do remember bringing the car back complaining about excessive wind noise caused by the side view mirror. Guess that was a tip-off something was amiss.

What a rip off. I guess they didn't tell me about it because I didn't ask. We all know how that goes. That ship sailed long ago, nothing to do about it now but get it re-done. Watch out for those Demos, they don't have to tell you anything. And they won't.


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Been there done that. Sucks when you find out things later on.

I just thought about something yesterday. I watched a beautiful Cadillac completely drive over a good size curb pulling out of a parking lot. She was obviously not paying attention to driving. Watched her completely drive the whole car right over the curb and down the road without even blinking an eye...

The things we don't know about the vehicles we buy, What the heck happened before I bought it🤪

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