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'95 LQ1 - Best way to view real time engine data


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I know there is tons of experience on here.  Looking for the easiest way to be able to see the engine data when running, for a '95 LQ1.

I have an ALDL cable w/USB, and an old laptop to use.

The "go to" for a while was TunerPro, which from everything I've read, is a great setup, but I've just not had any luck with it.  I'm not looking to change any parameters either.

I've tired TunerPro with my Syclone, as well as a my Fiero, and after spending about 5 hours with it today, it just isn't for me, so looking for another, easier, option.  

TunerPro RT will connect, just for the life of me, can't view any data.  

So, looking for another option!  Just want to see real time data on what the Cutlass is doing, it has a hesitation, and a bit of a rough idle until it is warmed up.


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this forum doesnt seem to have alot of traffic, Try posting over at  Gearhead EFI  http://www.gearhead-efi.com/Fuel-Injection/forum.php    they will set you straight, i had a box I plugged into my 92 camaro  so i could data log with it , I cant think of who made it, but  you could connect your phone through bluetooth, or you could use a older serial cable if you have a old laptop that had one,  it did pretty good . I got the info and link for it  off that forum. Lotta good guys and plenty of traffic over there. Hell I would sell you my box , I sold my camaro and dont have a use for it.  I'll get the info here in a bit.


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