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Presumably. It's coming from the front of the car, below to rear of abs. Can't see it yet.

Anyway assuming it is a brake line rotted (very likely) and wanted to replace everything in that area anyway, I couldn't just buy a coil and flaring tool, right? Something like this would be necessary, given some of those lines have flexible sections it seems: Shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjwjoH0BRD6ARIsAEWO9DsHc7duluuHE8mwFCDOqqyI8qsA2MIHUEQUajPc29MgInkCQv75Dt4aAiwaEALw_wcB




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Wow, it's only $110 for the set, and you're asking that question?
Dude, yea the world sucks right now, but I honestly hope that you feel that your life, and the lives of innocent people on the road, is worth more than saving a few dollars. :)

Fwiw, there's a good chance that the brake line is leaking near the exhaust pipe that goes under the car.
If by some chance, you think that the car will last more than ~5-8 years, then it's a good idea to put some additional heat shielding around that brake line section.  

Something like the following:
Design Engineering 010418 Heat Sheath 1/2" I.D. x 3ft Aluminized Sleeving for Ultimate Hi-Temp Protection


Good Luck!




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You might want to verify the reputation of the company bending the tubes.  AT LEAST one major tube-bending company has a horse-shit reputation for getting the bends correct.  I don't pay attention to which company; 'cause I bend 'n' flare my own.

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