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Power steering whine

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More of just a vent than anything.  Car has had a noisy power steering pump since I got it.  No problem, kinda normal for these things.  Finally got around to replacing it, AC Delco reman unit.  Now it's louder than it was before!  Did a bleed procedure, but gonna do it again tomorrow when I have time to tinker with it.  

Hopefully it just still has air in the system.

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 If you ever find out what makes PS pumps in mid 90’s GM cars whine please let us know.

My factory PS pump whined so the dealership replaced 2 alternators just so they would not have to replace the PS pump. After the car was out of warranty I replaced the PS pump with a reman but it was louder. I finally came across a 97 LTZ in the salvage yard and grabbed that PS pump and most of my whine went away.

The LTZ pump must have a lower pressure valve because the steering is less sensitive going down the road but feels weaker in a parking lot.

Things that I have read about that can causes GM PS pump whine.

Rack problems.

Bad power steering pump reservoir cap.

Air getting in to the system on the suction side.

Fluid leak any where in the system.

Wrong PS fluid.




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48 minutes ago, 55trucker said:

No.....but seeing as you're not the original purchaser of the vehicle....you don't really know for sure what may have been poured into it.

Ahh, gotcha.  😀


It wouldn't surprise me one bit!


After bleeding it, again, yesterday (still a few small bubbles), and driving it around today (got some new shoes for it!), I think I'm just gonna put the "old" pump back on, it was a bit quieter.

Who knows, the "new" pump was a reman AC Delco unit from RA wholesale closeouts, so it might have been sitting in the warehouse for a decade, and the seals might be shot.  


Heck, there's a '94 Grand Prix GT in the local LKQ, maybe I'll stop by tomorrow and pull that one, see if it is any quieter.  Good thing the pumps are easy and quick to swap out, just the bleeding procedure is a pain.

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Put the original pump back in and it is quite a bit quieter now, even more so than before.  Of course, a 30 minute job turned into a multi hour endeavor, with dropped tools, spilled power steering fluid all over, and a lost o-ring.  I'll return this AC Delco one, drive it for a bit, and see what happens.

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Ive had some luck with the Lucas P/S fluid and conditioner. But whatever you add to the reservoir is only going to mix with the old fluid in the lines and R&P, perhaps a complete bleed and fluid replacement might help? I have this planned as I put the Vert back together and going to use nothing but the Lucas stuff. If it still whines after that well the pillar mounted door handles, leaky oil pump shafts and LIM gaskets are notoriously W-Body, so to shall be the b!@#$ing of the P/S pump.


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