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New Old member couple questions

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Hi guys,

Was on here years ago and simply have not had any issues with my 93 Lumina Euro 3.1 vin T  so haven't had any questions. Now with 135,000 miles (yeah not many for a 93) she has eaten a cam lobe, #5 exh,, with really bad wear showing on #4 int and #3 exh. I believe after researching oil that the synthetic I had changed it to ate it up as the car was sometimes parked for months at a time. Anyway I pulled engine out and  don't even have a cylinder ridge big enough to cut out. Will re-use pistons, rod, and crank staying standard. EngineTech 3/4 groove mains, ETod brgs, ET Moly ringset, Cloyes timing set, Melling high vol/hi-press oil pump, Melling MCT 5 cam/lifter set 1 step up from stock, ALL FelPro gaskets Heads (severe-duty),, All plugs, seals,,, will lap valves as they are all good, new stem seals will hone block with 320 grit Lisle spring loaded to level walls up and help seat rings.

Got a couple generic questions... anyone know a source for A/T shift knob?? Anyone know where I might find a hood???/  Are there known issues with the oil pump drive (the blank distributor) as I can get a new delphi for cheap. Also does anyone know if the knock sensor can be disconnected I think I broke the sensor piece. Will be looking around on here for tips tricks and ideas.  She will be getting a custom color Aviation Paint metallic blue when spring gets here and hope to share some pix.  Need to replace the A/C line from firewall to accumulator the one with the orifice tube fitting, so far I cannot source one. Anyone see anything I've left out. I know this is old stuff I'm working on but I won't get a newer ride, getting too old and can't afford the new breed parts replacers.

Looks like some very knowledgeable people in the group.

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For parts, I like to use car-part.com to search junkyards.   While they may not list the exact part you need, you can find a nearby yard with a Lumina and then directly contact them to ask about the parts you want.    I don't have the time to go to junkyards myself, but for a few dollars they will pull and ship the parts to you.    Shipping a hood isn't cheap so hopefully you get lucky and the place is close enough for you to pick it up yourself.   

I'm looking forward to seeing your before and after painting pics.   

And I agree about not getting newer rides, I keep shopping for newer cars but the parts are so cheap for w-bodies that I always end up just deciding to keep mine a little longer.    My daily driver 95 costs me about $100 a month in repairs+maintenance+depreciation (hint, the $100 is all parts, I do almost all my own work and my car is fully depreciated lol) and the math just doesn't work out for getting a newer car.  

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