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Electronic Variable Orifice Failure 1995 CSC

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Does anyone know where to get a replacement of this part? I hear its as rare as unicorn.

I think the part number is 26071775. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

If I were to go to the junkyard what cars would have this same part?


Has anyone done the bypass and how does the car feel afterwards? How bad does it feel or is it ok?




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My model year does not make use of the *EVO*.....what has happened to yours?

Did the valve fail in in the full open position or the closed position?.....or is the valve full of debris & the PCM cannot move it....using an ohmmeter will allow one to test the coil inside the solenoid.

Bypassing it will only allow full assist to the steering all the time, the purpose of the valve is to decrease the assist at highway speeds to improve road feel.

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