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I may have a solution 

my boot which is from a different year always was coming loose 

well I've changed all Velcro so far everything seems to be locked in place  I will post if it it works after a long ride!



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No just replaced original Velcro on the vert not boot.  boot velcro like new but Velcro warn or sun damaged on car side also replaced Velcro along  frame that holds headliner in place , those plastic clips only hold the boot in place as long as the Velcro is holding the boot down  

You are right about the boot being difficult to put on, terrible design 


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The Velcro at the well is sown, upostry shop, too expensive. Got inventive.

bought aluminum bar stock, Velcro, 

measured length needed, also figure the existing screws to utilize the end screws, drilled two more on either side of pass thru

Wrap the bar stock , kind of hard because it was the plastic part of the Velcro, clamped it down for a couple days to help form the Velcro around the bar stock. 

Screwed it in place, worked for me. 

The pictures hopefully will give you a visual of what l’ve done. 








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