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cutlass sup 93’

Cutlass Supreme Convertible Taking off the Dash

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  1. 5 philips screws in the bezel around the radio and cluster
  2. remove 2 defroster grills
  3. remove 2 7mm in defroster
  4. remove 1 7mm to the left of the cluster
  5. remove 1 7m to the right of the radio
  6. open glove box
  7. remove glove box insert
  8. remove 2 7mm in glove box
  9. remove 2 7mm from radio
  10. close glove box lid
  11. remove and unplug radio
  12. tilt steering wheel all the way down
  13. lift dash pad out.  


IF car has HUD, remove 2 bolts from HUD from under dash pad near cluster, remove HUD and unplug wiring and adjuster cable.  


This is off memory, but I've had the dash out so many times I lost count.  

If it's really stuck, you've missed some bolts, but it may take a little bit of force to get everything moving, but it'll come out.  


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