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'95 CS Convertible Fueling Issue Mysteriously Solved?

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So ever since I got my '95 Cutlass Supreme convertible almost nine months ago, it's had an odd quirk in that it won't trigger the automatic shutoff at the gas pump. The first couple of times I filled the tank, I had a small fuel spill underneath on the passenger side--until today. I was very surprised when I was gassing it up today and the pump shut off! After the first two fueling mishaps, I had worked out a little procedure where I would put 10 gallons of gas in the car when the gauge was just below a quarter tank. Today, I was right at a quarter and the pump shut off just before the nine-gallon mark. When I got back in the car and turned it on, the gauge came up a little above the full mark so it was well and truly full without overflowing. Even better, when I got home there was no gasoline odor, which I usually experience when the tank is full. 

I'm thinking that when I got the rear struts replaced this week, the technician may have noticed a loose line and put it back in place without saying anything about it. If that's the case, I'm thankful but I'm not going to consider it permanently fixed until I fill up successfully a couple more times.

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