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Sloppy shifter on my '95 CS Convertible

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I've noticed a few times that my '95 CS convertible has what I'd call a sloppy shifter. Sometimes when I put it in what I think is 'D', it's really in '3'. I don't really notice it until I get up to highway speeds (above 45 or 50 mph) and then I notice the engine is revving too high without acceleration to match. I can easily address the issue by giving the shifter a slight nudge forward and I'll instantly feel a little click as it goes into 'D' but the shift lever barely moves and the lighted gear indicator remains in 'D' before and after. The car has 122,000 miles on it and the transmission was rebuilt somewhere around 96,000 miles. Other than that little quirk, which I assume is a worn detent, the transmission works smooth as silk. I try to remember to give the shifter a little nudge whenever I put it into 'D' but I sometimes forget.

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