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Later model stock radio with aux input in '97 Lumina


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Hello all,

I'd like to put a later model GM radio that has the aux jack for direct Ipod connections into my '97 Lumina.  I'm searched the forums and online but havne't found any articles yet.  I'm not concerned as much with the physical mounting as I am the wiring.  Has anyone done this or seen it?  How would a later stock unit from say an HHR, like the one picture below, hook up?





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Those later style radios wont work. They run on a Databus system, and your car simply doesn't have the needed communications. 

You can buy a direct replacement to that radio that has the AUX thou. They cost 200-300. I believe there is a write up on the forums about adding it to your radio as well. But as far as a direct OEM replacement, do you want to keep a CD or Tape player, or are you ok with loosing them? Its a 50-100 dollar difference.

eBay Link

EDIT: Looks like there are a couple that even offer a BlueTooth option too!

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Thanks for the info.  I was afraid something like that may be the case.  I suppose it's a trade off... I miss the days when a radio was a radio, haha.

I have seen the ones you linked online, but they're a bit expensive.  This is my wife's care and she would like to still be able to play her CDs.  I could put a later model head unit in the car but I've always really, really hated the look of those.

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260 for a cd player with AUX

330 for a cd player with AUX and Bluetooth

I will agree you are going to be paying that much for an aftermarket unit. But then you got to do wiring, a dash kit, etc.

For 260 I would do it. The bluetooth ones dont have phone function. It loses it usefulness there.

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