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OBD 1.5 confusion


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Greetings, W-body fans! My question is simple.

since I’m fairly certain the L82 in the 1995 Lumina is dead (but can’t find out until I can move it from its parking spot), I just wanted to know if there’s any reason I can’t put a ‘96+ L82 in the car. Would I need different sensors? Do I need to re-wire the whole car? I’d love to have OBDII and be done with it but I’m just trying to get this thing road worthy for now.

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in as much as the engine long block itself is concerned,


out goes the OBD1.5, in goes the OBDII,


no physical change in the engine, '99 was the last year for the L82, 2000 was the year that GM dumped the small port runner design used for the L82  & went to the larger runners for the LA1(3400) for the L82 replacement..... the LG8.

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On 1/2/2019 at 10:29 PM, Imp558 said:

Need the OBD-II harness and PCM, then re-pin c100 to plug into the car and run the class II data wire and change the DLC plug.

Is it fairly straightforward? I've had trouble finding any info on doing so in a 1994/1995 GM vehicle. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I'm trying to learn how to research here

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When you're ready I'll post up diagrams and pinouts, I'm 90* guy so a 60* guy is gonna have to advise on what donor to get the harness and PCM from first to get things started. Just to make sure the PCM goes back in the same spot and all.

This shouldn't be too bad, you might consider getting that 4T60 out of there and doing a far more plentiful 4T65 at the same time. It's a matter of changing the tulips on your cv shafts and it'll bolt right in.

If you're swapping engines it's not like we're worried about preserving the heritage of an antiquated vacuum operated transmission.


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